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"Fighting For Your Rights"

A native Oregonian who grew up on a dairy farm in Tillamook, Oregon, Ms. Oldenkamp attended the University of Oregon School of Law. She graduated from U of O in 1997 and spent a year working for Amnesty International in Washington D.C. She left D.C. and obtained a job in Klamath Falls as a public defender, finding the move satisfied two desires: the need to defend individuals rights against the government and the need to return to a small town and the great state of Oregon.

Ms. Oldenkamp enjoys the community of Klamath Falls and has been involved in many community activities, including the



Major Crimes
Gun Rights
Game Violations
Family Law

Klamath Alternative Sports Alliance, that built our skate park, Klamath Lake Land Trust and is a member of the Klamath Planning Commission (all volunteer positions).

She enjoys hunting, fishing, camping and reading. She also enjoys her work immensely and is amazed at her ability to earn a living while doing what she loves.

She enjoys trial practice, even when the stakes are high (www.registerguard.com/web/news/28158356-57/swartout-defense-jury-trial-mallon.html.csp). She likes people and understands that often times good people do things they later regret. She also understands that innocent people can face charges and that the power of the government needs to be held in check.

She believes the United States' Constitution is an enduring protection provided to the citizens of the United States by our founding fathers to ensure against abuse of power. She looks to use that document in defending you.

She remains up to date on all criminal law developments, constantly looking to be fully prepared to protect your rights.

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200 Pine St. Klamath Falls, OR 97601
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